Plans for the Disarm Series

Hi all!

I've been so happy with the warm reception that DISARM has been receiving. To be quite honest, I wrote this novelette because I wanted to write something short and steamy, but the more I typed, the more the characters of Henry and Elsie came to life until they took over completely. In one instance, I kept trying to write the scene without Henry making his grand confession, but the stubborn guy kept trying to do it anyway. I finally relented and let him have his say, and now I can't imagine the scene any other way.

My initial plan was to write three novelettes in the series and end it at that, but I realized that Henry and Elsie's past is what makes them so interesting. So here is where I'm planning on taking the series:

1. DISARM - intro to Henry and Elsie
2. BESIEGE - life after the deployment
3. RETREAT - Henry and Elsie visit California
4. The Henry Tapes #1 - told in Henry's POV about his high school life
5. The Henry Tapes #2 - about Henry's college life
6. The Henry Tapes #3 - about life after college, when Elsie first comes to live with them in OK
7. ENGAGE - back in Oklahoma
8. CAPTURE - the conclusion to Henry & Elsie's story

RETREAT will end with a cliffhanger and then the story will delve into the past before the cliffhanger is addressed in ENGAGE. Do you, as a reader, find that intriguing or will you just throw your hands up in frustration?

Either way, I am so happy to be writing this series. Thank you for coming here and for taking a chance on an indie author like me!

~ JG