It's like this and like that and like this and uh...

Hi all!

I just wanted to thank everyone for their kind notes about R and R, Henry and Elsie's short honeymoon story. I'm so excited to write the sequel to the DISARM series! I can't tell you much about it right now, only that Henry's new job is going to play a big role in their marriage. I've been watching lots of COPS to prepare. ;)

Thank you to everyone who've written me messages, especially in email and on this blog, and I apologize again for not being able to reply to each and every one.

Here I'll attempt to answer some of your questions:

When will the sequel be released?
I'm not sure. I'll keep you posted when I know more!

What form will it take?
I'm considering writing it as a series of novelettes, much like DISARM, but releasing it all together. But that might change.

What are you writing next?
Apart from the sequel, which is tentatively titled ARREST, I am also working on other standalone erotic romances, as well as two New Adult romances. If you'd like to see my visual boards, I am on Pinterest:

Also, I'm now on Twitter:

Will there ever be a story about Jason? Can you please bring him back?
I'm sorry but I can't. I'd be lying if I said I didn't think long and hard about it though! But the story, as it stands, is that Jason was killed by a sniper and his family buried his body in Monterey. It'd take a major jumping of a shark to make him come alive after that. But (!) a story about Julie is a distinct possibility.

I do wonder though, if you'd rather read about Jason & Julie's story, knowing that it will definitely have a heartbreaking ending? Drop me a comment here and let me know!

2013 is shaping up to be a big year! Not only did I sign with Kim Whalen of Trident Media Group, my family and I are also moving across the country very soon. Such is military life. :)

I have so many stories I want to tell and so little time! I hope you all stick around to hear them all!!