I'm still here! I promise!

I'm so sorry for the long radio silence!

I am a terrible blogger. Seriously. I'll sometimes forget to blog then, after a some time passes, the idea of writing a long blog post about my past news just becomes too intimidating and I put it off even longer...

It's a terrible cycle of procrastination, I tell you!

For the past few months, my family and I have been busy packing and saying goodbye to our friends in California as we prepared for our next PCS. This time, we're headed to Miami (I swear, I can't NOT hear the Will Smith song each time I write that!) in the summer.

We're in Virginia right now, staying in base temp lodging for the next several weeks while my husband goes through even more schooling. I've never lived on base before; I'm really enjoying the feeling of community and the fact that housekeeping can come to my house every single day if I choose! lol. Seriously spoiled here!

And onto the news that I've managed to announce everywhere else BUT here: I've agreed to a three-book deal with Berkley Books! Cindy Hwang, Sylvia Day's editor for The Crossfire Series, has pre-empted The DISARM Series!

Can I get a SQUEEEEE?! ;)

The first set of novelettes will make up the first novel, then I will write two more. The second novel (which I'm working on right now) is tentatively titled ARREST.

I'm so excited about this! I love self-publishing and will continue to do so, but I just couldn't say no to this kind of opportunity and exposure. If my series becomes even half as popular as The Crossfire Series... oy vei!

Life is very lively around here, for sure!

Thank you again for your emails and messages about Henry & Elsie. I sometimes can't get around to replying each one, but know that it's all appreciated! I hope you'll enjoy reading the next chapter in H&E's life!

Bye again for now. I promise not to be a stranger!