The Kobo Booth at the London Book Fair 2013

(alternate title: I Should Have Gone to London).

At the beginning of this year, after dismal sales of the DISARM series at, I received an email from one of their marketing people telling me that she was impressed with my covers and was going to highlight it on romance>erotic category page.

The boxed set immediately flew up the charts and was in the Top 50 for several weeks (every now and then, it still fights its way onto the charts but bigger and better books have been published since then).

Fast forward to a few months, when the same Kobo employee emailed me an invitation to the London Book Fair. I was even offered a speaking opportunity. And I—being the introvert that I am—started hyperventilating at the thought and almost immediately shot off an email explaining why I could not attend (too far, I'd have nothing to contribute, I'm a hybrid author, etc.).

But guys, I should have gone! I'm a total dickhead for not going. Just look at their booth!

You'll see very many familiar self-pubbed books on that wall. I mean, Bella Andre and Abbi Glines? Goodness! Now look a little closer...

Oh. My. God! Those are my covers! Not one, but TWO of them. In their Writing Life booth. Next to the big guys.

I mean... CRIPES. I should have gone, right? I would have peed myself like a frightened little mouse, but still...

Next time, Kobo. Promise.