Teaser Tuesday #3

It's Teaser Tuesday!

Here's another unedited teaser from Finding West:


Holy shit.

I pressed my back against the door, trying to control my breathing. My body felt like it was on fire—my throat dry and my crotch throbbing from that one kiss.

Kiss: that one word didn’t seem enough for what we’d just done. Mouth-fucking more like. I could still taste him, could still feel his warm tongue invading my mouth, could still feel his hands sliding all over my body. My face heated up at the thought of his hard length digging into my hip. He’d felt so ready.

The question was: was I?

I changed out of my dress and shoes and into my usual sweats and hung the dress up in my closet, a little surprised that the seams were holding together. It was safer to be in my regular baggy clothes, far easier to evade the advances of an incredibly sexy man. If he found me attractive in this grey cotton cloak of ambiguity, then there was definitely something wrong with his head.

He looked up from the couch when I came out of my room. Apparently I’d been gone long enough that he had time to clean up the table and wash the dishes. “We need to talk about that kiss,” he said, standing up.

“No, we don’t,” I said.

The skin between his eyebrows wrinkled. “We can’t just ignore what happened.” He motioned to the space between us. “Something’s happening here.”

I swallowed hard, my heart pounding wildly at the thought of confronting my growing feelings for him. There had been something in that kiss, but what would it cost me to admit it aloud?

“Know what? You can pretend to yourself that you don’t feel it, but you’re not fooling me. You’re not fooling the Sheriff either.”

“What would you know about me and Drew?”

“Absolutely nothing apart from the fact that even he could tell you wanted me here,” he said. “And he wasn’t very happy about it.”

I toyed with the sleeves of my sweatshirt. “This isn’t about him.”

“You’re right. This is ninety percent about you.” His eyes bore into mine, trying his best to unnerve me. “And ten percent me.”

“I’d be fucking stupid if I developed feelings for someone who doesn’t remember who they are,” I finally said. “What if you’re married? What if you have kids?”

He held out his left hand. “I’m not wearing a ring, or the telltale white line that means I used to wear one.”

I smacked his hand away. “That doesn’t mean anything.”

“It proves I’m not married,” he said, slipping his hands in his pants pocket. “Your real worry is that I’ll get my memory back and I won’t want you anymore. You think that the person I used to be won’t think you’re worthy.”

My chest hurt with his words, because even though they weren’t said with malice, they were still tinged with the same spite as the taunts back in high school. “Fuck off,” I said, feeling the sting of tears at my tear ducts. I turned away, wishing he was a vampire so I could rescind my invitation. “I’m going to bed.”

He stepped around me and blocked the way to my bedroom with his large body, his arms folded across his chest. He looked so daunting and a little more than irritated. “Fine, but think about this—” He grabbed the sides of my head and kissed me hard. There was a desperation to this kiss; the way his lips mashed against mine, the insistent thrust of his tongue as he devoured me.

My body gave in, and I found myself sighing into his mouth once again despite myself. To be so easily manipulated made me feel so weak but I couldn’t fight it, not when my entire body wanted him so badly it trembled with his touch.

He bit my lower lip and sucked on it a moment before pulling away. He pressed a soft kiss to my cheek and then breathed against my ear, “With or without my memory, I still want you, Kat."

Then he left me standing by myself, aching all over from his absence.


Finding West is due out in August 2013.