Writing Space

I have to admit, I LOVE seeing other people's writing spaces. There's something almost voyeuristic about it, like we're seeing into their secret worlds, see where the "magic" happens.

In my case, Disarm was written in Salinas, California back in 2012. A lot of it was written in a coffeeshop called The Cherry Bean, but the novelettes were also mostly written in my makeshift office in the sitting area of our bedroom.

I mean, seriously, a folding plastic table!

And here, in the breakfast nook. And no, I don't have two giant iMacs. I just have the one that kept moving around the house depending on my mood.

We had the best view of the mountains behind our house.

Arrest, on the other hand, was written in several different states. Started in California, then as we PCSed out, was written partially in Oklahoma City, Norfolk, and finally finished in Miami.

Here my office is once again just the sitting area in our master bedroom. The problem with this new space is that it's considerably smaller than the one in California (ergo, messier!), and it quickly became too small and confining, even for a shorty like me. I don't even know how I managed to write Surrender with all that glare behind me.

Eye-spy a list of my current and future projects on the board. ;)

So I kicked the kids out of the toy room and made it my new office. It's HUGE, airy, and has a wonderful view of the lake. I can even do some weightlifting in here, it's so large.

Astro, our mini-schnauzer, loves it too.
There's a lake outside that window, promise. ;)

I hope you've enjoyed this little look into my life. How about you—do you have a writing space? I'd love to see it!