Holding Out for a Superhero is live!

Holding Out for a Superhero: A Multi-Author Box Set 


*Superheroes do it better.*

From USA Today Bestselling Authors, Nana Malone and V.J. Chambers, and Bestselling Authors June Gray and Joni Hahn, four scintillating full-length romance novels featuring sexy superheroes and the strong women that prove to be their weakness.

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Forsaken Protector by USA Today Bestselling Author, Nana Malone

Almost one year after escaping Gentech Facilities, Symone Jackson lives in the shadows with her nightmares. Garrett Hunter thought he was one of the good guys, but on routine surveillance of a suspected terrorist, he discovers the awful truth…he’s not the only super human around.

Vigil by USA Today Bestselling Author, V.J. Chambers

A journalist intern finds herself falling for a mysterious, sexy masked man, but then discovers his secret identity is a rich playboy—who she hates.

The Origin by Bestselling Author, June Gray

For someone with unexplained powers, all Daniel Johnson wants is to live simply, detached from the rest of the world. That is until a woman from the past talks her way back into his life and he discovers that he is neither strong nor fast enough to fight off the attraction.

Agent M4: Riordan by Bestselling Author, Joni Hahn

Intent on finding the person responsible for his wrongful imprisonment, a former enemy agent turned superhero falls for a psychologist who is being pursued by a madman.