What's up, June?

So I've taken some time off lately, mainly to celebrate the holidays and birthdays, but also to give myself space from writing. You see, this past year has been hectic for me. All three of my Berkley books came out in the U.S., I self-published Heading East (sequel to Finding West) and the first part to the Untamed serial, and was published in two anthologies. In between, I started several stories, almost finished two or three, and my busy brain is cooking up more.

In other words, I'm a little tired.

I'm burned out on writing at lightning speed, but mostly I'm fed up with marketing and the nowhere roads it leads me. Amazon changed their algorithms due to Kindle Unlimited, which resulted in sales dropping drastically. Add to that Facebook and their new policy that only a small fraction of my friends/likes see my posts, and you've got the makings of a really sad author.

So I've decided to take a hiatus from publishing. How long, I'm not sure. But don't worry, I'll be writing in the mean time so that when I come back I will hopefully have several things ready to publish. I'll be around on social media, so I won't be gone completely. Please keep in touch. :)

I hope you all have a great holiday season.